Interview de Richelle Mead – VO

Onirik : Amongst your books, which one is your favorite ?

Richelle Mead : I love all of my characters in different ways, since they’re all so unique! So, I can’t say I really have a favorite among them. Out of my books, I would definitely say that Succubus Blues is my favorite. Georgina is a very easy character for me to write, and Succubus Blues was my very first published book. So, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Onirik : Why did you choose to write urban fantasy stories? Are you fond of this kind of literature?

Richelle Mead : I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, ever since I was young. I love urban fantasy because it still lets me use fantasy elements but work inside the « real » world. It lets me use a lot of jokes and pop culture, which I really love.

Onirik : Why did you choose to write for adults with the Georgina Kincaid series and for young adults with the Vampire Academy series? Do you make a difference between both audiences, and do you change your writing between them?

Richelle Mead : I had different stories in my head, and one was suited for adults and the other for teenagers. I really enjoy the variety and love both age groups! My writing style isn’t too different between the books. I have to tone down the sex and violence for teens, but mostly, my style stays the same.

Onirik : How do you organize your day’s writing? When you are writing, do you have a timetable or do you write when the inspiration comes?

Richelle Mead : I usually try to write during the day. I wish I could write when inspiration comes, but unfortunately, my deadlines won’t let me! I have a book due every 3 months, so I usually space out my days into goals. For example, I may try to write a chapter a day, or 20 pages, or basically, whatever I need to get the book done on time.

Onirik : Georgina Kincaid is a very beautiful woman but very sensitive, more emotional than other characters. Why did you choose to tell the story from her point of view?

Richelle Mead : That’s a hard answer to explain. I wanted to write a story about a succubus, and the details of her story just sort of came to me. I could have told it from another character’s point of view, or lots of characters’, but in the end, I thought it would be more powerful coming from her.

Onirik : Your second book of the Georgina Kincaid series, Succubus on Top (Succubus nights in French), will release in July 2009 in France. Can you tell us more about this novel?

Richelle Mead : In Succubus on Top, Georgina is trying to help an incubus friend of hers corrupt a very pure radio host. At the same time, her friend Doug seems to be under the control of a supernatural force, so, she’s trying to figure that out too. And of course, she always has problems with her love life!

Onirik : You write on your website that there will be 6 or 7 books in the Georgina Kincaid series. Do you already know how to write the end of the story?

Richelle Mead : Yes. I knew the end of the story before I even started writing the first book. For me, I always have to plan out an entire series before I can write it.

Onirik : Can you tell us more about your two other series, Vampire Academy and Dark Swan. Do you know if French readers will have the chance to read your books?

Richelle Mead : Vampire Academy is my teen book and is about a half-vampire girl training to be a bodyguard for vampire royalty. That one has been bought by a French book company, but I don’t know when it will be available. Dark Swan, my other series, is for adults and is about a shaman who battles ghosts and fairies. That series hasn’t yet been bought by a French publisher.

Onirik : Can you tell us about your projects? Do you plan to write a new series?

Richelle Mead : I might eventually start a new series, but for the moment, I’m too busy with these. All of these series are also under contract, which means I’m obligated to keep writing them for the next few years. When one of the contracts finishes, then I might be able to start something new!

Merci à Richelle Mead pour sa sympathie et sa disponibilité!