Entretien avec Nate James

Could you introduce yourself in a few words ? What is your professionnal way ? When did you start playing music, and when did you know that you’d like to be a singer ?

Well ! My name is Nate James, aged 27, and I’m a funky soulful kinda guy ! My album is called Set the tone and is a mixture of sweet soul flavours! I started singing when I was very small but professionally when i was 18, I play a little guitar but my voice is my instrument! i knew i wanted to be a singer the day i heard stevie wonder for the first time and have dreamt of it ever since!

Which are your inspiration’s sources ?

Inspiration for my songs comes from life experience, and my musical influences are those exciting artists who take risks in music, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Michael Jackson etc.

Why this return to the sources of a musical’s style?

I grew up listening to real soul music, live and exciting instruments and vocals! That’s what i wanted on my first record!

Introduce to us your album.

It’s called Set the tone and is a slice of soul and good feeling!

How do you manage your success?

I live each day one at a time and enjoy every minute!

Which is your word of the end?

Stay sweet, love life, love the soul!